Best Sprinkler Winterization in Northern Ohio

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Winterizing your irrigation system is a must-do task for homeowners everywhere. In Northern Ohio it is particularly important given that winter can arrive suddenly with great strength, frigid temperatures and piles of snow. Don’t wait until the weather is already cold. Now is the time to ensure your Cleveland irrigation blowout is done right, before the first freeze. If you don’t have your irrigation system winterized before nighttime temperatures drop below the freezing mark, you could suffer frozen pipes, broken lines and cracked sprinkler heads that can be expensive to repair.

Winterization the Conserva Way

Before you call your buddy with the air compressor to come over and blow air through your lines, let me show you why Conserva Irrigation of Northern Ohio is your best choice for winterizing your Cleveland area irrigation system.

Included in our $65 Winterization

  • Turning off water and controller
  • Inspecting all sprinkler heads
  • Evacuating all water from the entire irrigation system
  • Winterizing the vacuum breaker
  • Complete winterization system report with flat rate pricing for repairs

While most landscaping companies and contractors will simply blow compressed air through your lines until the next head stops releasing water, our certified technicians inspect your system zone by zone and head by head. Our technicians observe every detail while the controlled compressed air evacuates water from your system. We literally watch and listen, with a clipboard in hand, in every zone for two minutes as the air clears the lines, making sure we don’t hear or see any abnormalities in the lines and heads.

Complete Irrigation System Inspection

Compressed air makes a fantastic diagnostic tool for sprinkler systems. While we are conducting your sprinkler blowout, we take the time to inspect your entire irrigation system so that you can proactively repair unseen issues before turning your system back on in the spring.

When you have a system leak, whether it is in a line from a burrowing rodent or a slight nick from a garden tool, it can go unnoticed as little drips of water leak out slowly. With the use of air during irrigation winterization, we have a couple of things we are looking and listening for. In an underground leak such as a cut line or a broken seal on the bottom of a sprinkler head, the air will create bubbles that rise to the surface of the soil, alerting us to a damage.

Above ground leaks, such as a slit in a drip line, will create a hissing sound when the compressed air flows through it during winterization. Not unlike the high pitched hiss from a hole in your car tire. With these two very important observation tools in our arsenal, our trained professionals can provide you with a complete report of critical repairs your system will need before spring. The report will even include flat rate pricing with no hidden costs.

Irrigation Blow-out Cleveland

For only $65 you get a full system sprinkler blow-out and a full system inspection, no matter how big your Cleveland residential irrigation system is, and no matter who installed it. We are so passionate about conserving water that we never miss a chance to find inefficiencies in our customer’s sprinkler systems, so we can alert you to potential damages and wasted water and money. For $65 you’ll save yourself from frozen broken lines and sprinkler heads this winter, while also getting a system report with a list of discovered damages, including flat rate pricing so you know exactly what to budget for making repairs in the spring. For only $65, you can’t afford not to.

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